Aching Bones, a Festival and a Birthday

A lot has changed lately, what with moving, getting married and the death of long-time acquaintance, musician David Paul Hebert (“Bones”).

People of the Cincinnati Northside neighborhood  and those living in Portland, not to mention friends and family in his hometown of New Orleans, have rallied together in his memory to raise money for his funeral, to care for his dog, Shady, and to support the cause of what many believe to be an unnecessary death at the hands of a local law enforcement officer.

Glass drumsticks by Michael Goodman.

A silent auction begins this evening at the Comet bar, with several pieces of art on the block by local artists, including Aaron Kent whose work has been profiled on here. Also up for sale are cool items like glass drumsticks (very fitting), tattoos from local businesses, massages and crafts items! The other events for “Bonesfest” continue this weekend.

4th of July Parade creation, honoring David Paul Hebert "Bones"

If you’re interested in following the story about Bones, visit here, or become a “fan” by liking his page on Facebook, created by friends prior to his death in order to keep in touch. It was a heart-wrenching and needless loss of a friend, but there are many who knew and loved him and will not let his memory fade.

On another note, today marks what would be the 98th birthday of Walter Landor, who created Landor Associates, a world-wide design and branding firm. German by birth, Walter started the firm in San Francisco, stationing the first offices on a retired ferry-boat named The Klamath. Must have been an exciting working environment. Check out some of Landor Associates’ recent design work, click here.

The local office is heading off to celebrate with cocktails, beach volleyball and general merriment at the Four Seasons Marina on the Ohio River. Happy Birthday, Walter! I’m sure you’re somewhere, designing something in the sky.

Walter Landor


About Lisa Dolan

Freelance writer, editor and art lover located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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  1. shawn abnoxious

    The Cincinnati Police killed Bones.

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